Sydney: Pizza at Macchiato

Last night I went to this really nice pizza place with my colleagues. We have the tradition to go for dinner every Friday after work. Since one of my colleagues was leaving, it was her choice what we’re having and she felt like pizza. We ended up in “Macchiato Wood Fire Pizza & Coffee Roastery” in Pitt Street.

The atmosphere was great, I felt like in a small street café even though we were in a busy restaurant on a Friday night. The staff was super friendly and helped us to choose the right thing for us. We ordered two pizzas: Pancetta and Carne. Both of them were good quality, I loved the crust and the fresh ingredients. We also ordered a bowl of fries which was definitely not worth the $10 it cost us.

For dessert there was a big choice of pastries presented in a showcase. The waiters couldn’t tell us any prices but we didn’t really care. We decided to go for the last piece of the White Chocolate Cheesecake. Let’s put it like that: it was special. Not too sweat but just a bit too heavy. Normally I expect something fresh from a cheesecake but together with the white chocolate it was a bit too creamy… But still good!

The staff asked us how we liked the food and honestly cared about our feedback what surprised me in a positive way. They were very patient with our random questions and even though it was busy they served us friendly and professionally.

Macchiato is definitely a place I recommend. Nice restaurant with pizza, pasta and even burgers and wraps (till 5pm). Normaly restaurant prices so if you want to treat yourself at the end of the week, go for it!


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