Sydney: Dinner in Newtown

Post-volleyball dinner today at “The Bank“ in Newtown’s King Street. We ordered half of the menue to share everything: tomato and pepperoni pizza, spicy chicken wings, fries, wedges and BBQ cauliflower. Chicken Wings were too spicy for me (I can’t handle any spiciness…). The pizzas were good pub pizzas, not high quality like in a restaurant but still fresh and delicious. The dough was pretty thin which made them a bit awkward to eat but hey. I was really surprised by the fries and wedges which tasted like actual potatoes cut in shape if that makes sense. Definitely recommended! A nice alternative to the ordinary pub food was the cauliflower which came with spiced yoghurt and a green sauce called chimichurri. The Bank itself is a really cool pub with outside area, comfy beer garden and lots of room and tables.

After all that we ended up in “Gelatissimo“ just down the road and treated ourselves with some ice cream. I shared a warm, smooth and very chocolatey chocolate cake in a cup topped with a scoop of ice cream (some sort of chocolate, don’t remember the name) and nutella drizzle with one of my friends. 


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