Sydney: Burgers at Down N’ Out

Today I went out for dinner with my friend. We planned to go for burgers at a place called Down N’ Out which is located in a bar in Sydney’s George Street. What can I say; it’s a really relaxed atmosphere! The bar was not really crowded but I reckon even when it’s busy you won’t feel claustrophobic cause it’s quite roomy and light in there. 

The burgers are rated as one of the best in the city. I decided to go for the week’s special: Always Coca-Cola. I like to try new creations and all the other options sounded quite basic. 

So this is what I got: A maple glazed Coca-Cola fried chicken burger with Smoky Bourbon Slaw (not any different to normal coleslaw), crispy bacon bits (a bit -haha- odd, was kind of missing my fatty bacon stripes) and maple aioli. Definitely a different kind of chicken burger and good for everyone who likes it sweet and saucy. I couldn’t find the Coca-Cola taste but the chicken was super tender and I enjoyed it. Chips were good; crispy and salty, had better ones though. 

Chilled atmosphere, delicious burger and great conversation – what else do you need for a good wednesday night?!


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