Sydney: Night Noodle Market

Sydney has this cool thing on called the Good Food Month which is probably the exact right thing for foodies like me. Just in the middle of the city, in Hyde Park, you can find heaps of food stands on the Night Noodle Market. I checked it out with my friend today and it’s definitely worth a visit! 

Most of the food was Asian and our first choice, this grilled chicken bbq kebab thing (whatever the name was) with soy sauce, reminded me of my time in Bali. The chicken was super soft and all in all really delicious. Hoy Pinoy was the name of the booth. 

Following pick was definitely my favourite of the night: 

Chefs Gallery served these homemade spinach noodles with seafood and they were soo good! I would just go back to the market or visit their restaurant for these noodles. It was also the first time for me to try a mussle, pretty exciting but very delicious. 

Last dish for us to try were these fries with Peking Duck and Peking Duck Sauce. Also really delicious and even though the fries weren’t the best they just came perfect in this composition. 

So for everyone who is in Sydney, hungry and looking for a nice way to have dinner outside: check out the Night Noodle Market in Hyde Park.

One thing that always comes to my mind when I watch people on food festivals: How do they make the decision what to get? There are so many choices and probably all of them are good. I mostly go with some people so we can get a lot and share but if you’re alone or just two how do you decide for one meal?? Is it even worth it to go to events like this and try only one thing..? Any thoughts or answers are welcome in the comments.


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