Sydney: Ice Cream Sandwiches and lots of chocolate at C9

Definitely my favourite place in Sydney, not just for ice cream. I’ve already been there for so many times that I can’t even count anymore and today it happened again… 

Usually I just order one of these ice cream sandwiches which used to be 6$ and are 8$ now but hey. This is a cronut sandwich but I tried everything else like cookie-, brownie-, nutella ball- and croissant-sandwich too. Everything is just really good and what actually makes us go there again and again are the many ice cream flavours. They let you try all of them and every now and then there are six new flavours.

There is not much more to say than that I really love this place and everybody should go there. Just look at the pictures…

Our shop is the C9 on Victoria Street in Darlinghurst but there is another shop in Newtown which is a little bit more eexpensive and I felt like they don’t have as many flavours


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