Sydney: Waffle Fries at The Hayberry

One of my last days in Sydney and I got to spend it with some lovely people, ending it with tasty burgers and amazing waffle fries. So good to have these friends who always know where to take you for the best food. I must admit, Crows Nest is a bit far away from the city but The Hayberry is definitely worth a visit!

I got so excited about this. First of all I had a really bad burger yesterday (very disappointing) and then I was really hungry by the time we arrived at the pub. The burger was very delicious, I had a Cheesy Bacon. And the fries… What can I say? Just seeing them makes them more delicious than regular ones. But they actually are! Soo good but also soo filling cause you underestimate how much you’re actually eating. 

Anyways, the venue is great. Very cosy but not too dark, good and fast service and not too pricy. We were sitting in the back which normally is a beer garden but there was a transparent roof above us which made it really nice and (most important) not too cold. Lovely evening and definitely a place to go if you have enough of normal fries. 


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