Sydney: Pasta at Fratelli Fresh

Today it was time to catch up with one of my friends for the last time, for now. We decided to treat ourselves for Italian food and ended up in Fratelli Fresh in Westfield, Pitt Street Mall. It’s definitely more than a food court stand; we had a lovely dinner in a cosy restaurant.

At bit disappointing when you think about that you pay 6$ for one slice of bread with some tomatoes but bruschetta is like a must-have on an Italian night. 

Finally some pasta again! Yes, backpacker life which means pasta every day starts again soon. Still this Spaghetti Carbonara was quality pasta with nice bacon and rich but not too fatty sauce (sometimes you think you have a good carbonara but after a while you realise it’s too heavy). Anytime again.

As we couldn’t decide for one dessert we each got one and shared it. I got the Fratelli Rocher Cannoli and declared two of them as mine since the chocolate-nut cream was soo delicious and not too sweet. Panna Cotta with raspberry sauce was really good too and made me think of home even though I’m not Italian. I think I just haven’t had it in a long time..

So as you can see I had a successful evening in a friendly restaurant with delicious food and fast service. The open kitchen is another plus since you can actually see your food getting prepared. Cool experience and I definitely didn’t expect that from a restaurant in a food court.


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