Newcastle: Takeaway from Seaview Malaysian

Day one of my east coast trip takes me to Newcastle where I’m couchsurfing for some nights. After walking around in 26°C and full sunshine the whole day, my hosts took me to another suburb to show me a lovely beach and their favourite restaurant. The Seaview Malaysian in Redhead which ironically serves Malaysian, Chinese and Thai food. 

Since we had their dog with us we got the food for takeaway which only took about ten minutes till it was done even though the restaurant was packed and busy. I went for a Prawn Chow Mein with crispy noodles. To be honest I had to ask what it actually is but it turned out to be vegetables in oyster sauce with prawns. 

I really liked it. Good, with prawns you can’t do much wrong for me but still, it was good. My personal highlight were the crispy noodles. They were not warm or fatty, actually just like chips, a snack you have while watching a movie. It was the first time for me to have them and I really enjoyed the combination of the saucy dish with the crispy side.

I know it looks like a small portion on the picture but I actually got a whole plastic box filled up with the Chow Mein which was a lot. Plus, all their food is reasonable priced: for three mains and one bowl of rice we didn’t even pay 50$ and even got a free soup with it! 

So if you’re in the area or even local to Newcastle, check it out! Seaview Malaysian does delivery as well. 

And by the way: I heard you’re supposed to eat less from a blue plate. Not sure if this one worked.. Does anybody have experiences with this myth or any other simple tricks to limit overeating? Let me know! 


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