Port Macquarie: Pasta Variations

Living as a backpacker mostly means eating pasta several days of the week. It doesn’t always need to be the boring pasta & pesto or pasta with tomato sauce though. I made some super easy but pretty decent and very cheap meals in my two nights in Port Macquarie so far. 

This was pasta with broccoli and chicken breast, finished with vegetable stock. Fast, easy, fresh, cheap and light at the end of an eventful day in this beautiful town. I could even share it with a friend and didn’t even pay 5$ for the two of us.

Today I decided to finish my last tin of tuna and got a bundle of asparagus for 0,99$ (!) from this fresh fruits and vegetable shop in town. It’s great. It was actually the first time for me to cook fresh asparagus but it’s super easy, just fried it in a pan and that’s it. 

Even though my hostel is super small and nice, you could even do these dishes in a busy hostel kitchen cause their easy and fast. Love it to be back in my travelling life and enjoy the simple things.

So pasta can be more than just mixed together with a canned sauce. Just mix fresh and delicious ingredients and get a good meal.


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