Coffs Harbour: Fish and Mushrooms

Today I went to Coffs Harbour and walked through this little town. It’s quite nice and walking along a creek and the sea made me wanna eat fish. So I got inspired in the supermarket and cooked this very colourful meal.

I know, the thing with the colours needs improvement. But still, for a backpacker this is a very fancy dish. Most of all it’s easy and relatively cheap. 

I paid 3$ something for the fish and got one big potato and some mushrooms so all in all it’s maybe 6$. Ah yeah, I wanted some sauce as well so I got one of these packs where you just add water and then have a mushroom sauce. Was alright.

Cooking potatoes, frying the fish with salt and pepper (didn’t have any other spices. lemon would have been nice!) and then fry the mushrooms, done. Nice and easy, perfect for a hostel kitchen. Next time I should try some other vegetables and maybe rice instead of potatoes. I really felt like potatoes today so that was why. 

You see: Not just pasta every day. Of course nothing for every day or after a long day but if you have the time and a small hostel with an empty kitchen: go for fish. 


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