Byron Bay: Sandwich at Combi

When I was still in Sydney somebody recommended a cafe called Combi in the center of Byron Bay so I thought I check it out. I was definitely not disappointed and really enjoyed my meal there.
Combi is a small and very cosy cafe with an open front, lots of cushions and tables inside and outside. It was such a relaxed atmosphere, a typical Byron Bay cafe you should definitely not miss. 

You got a great choice of coffee, other hot and cold drinks, juices and smoothies. Combi, like most of the other cafes in Byron, offers you a variety of healthy food including vegetarian, vegan or gluten free options. Even the cakes and cookies look healthy and good for you. Unfortunately this works out on the prices but good food has its price I would say. 

I was quite hungry when I went there so I went for the probably unhealthiest thing on their menue: a toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich. As you can see (and probably guess) it was a delicious sandwich. The part I enjoyed the most was definitely the bread. I believe they make it themselves in the cafe and it tasted really fresh, with a crunchy crust and a soft inside. Loved it.

So yeah, I recommend Combi for sure. It’s a nice atmosphere, the staff was super friendly and the food (at least what I had) was great. Really wanted to go for their pancakes with fruits and ice cream so if somebody decides to go there, let me know how they were! 🙂


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