Surfers Paradise: 3$ Steaks at Waxy’s Irish Pub 

Who said eating out needs to be expensive? If you know the right people who know the right places you can have a great night without spending heaps of money. Even in Surfers Paradise! 

One of the guys I met during my stay in Surfers took us to Waxy’s. All he was talking about was 3$ Steaks and 3,50$ Coronas. So when we arrived there we jumped right in the queue. And it’s true! You get a steak for 3$ but pay extra for all of your sides and sauces. So you can even personalise your meal. Here is what I got for only 11$. 

The steak was delicious. I get it well done and I learned I shouldn’t do that since chefs are just leaving it in the pan as long as they can. Well, it was still very good and not even dry. Fries and salad were good but the best thing was actually the mushroom sauce! 

The 3,50$ Coronas were available as well, so all of us were happy. The vibe in this Irish pub was incredible, I absolutely loved it there. Three guys were singing live with great harmony, a good song choice and crazy remixes. They definitely made me wanna stay longer even though their last set wasn’t as good as the others. 

All in all I definitely recommend Waxy’s on a Sunday night! Sunday night to get the offers, any other night to get the good vibe and the fast service. Quite a good place to relax from the busy atmosphere in Surfers Paradise. 


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