Brisbane: Kangaroo Steak in a hostel

Ever travelled with a chef? Do it! They come up with good ideas and then they can even cook it and you may try new things you would have never cooked yourself. 
I met a guy in a hostel in Surfers Paradise and we travelled up to Brisbane together. He is a chef. For lunch we went to the supermarket and got potatoes, leek and kangaroo steaks. Yes, kangaroo steaks. They are actually really cheap over here. Since he cooks professionally, me and another guy were just standing next to him, watching and not knowing how to help. 

This is what he came up with after just a few minutes: mashed potatoes with leek and the kangaroo steaks. Yes, it looks easy and maybe it was easy but it was soo good! I’m not a huge steak fan but they were just made perfectly. Kangaroo is definitely worth cooking with. 


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