Brisbane: Hidden Lunch Bagel at Brew Cafe & Wine Bar

I love discovering secret places! It feels adventurous and you feel so special when you’re there, sharing a venue with only a few others. Don’t you think hidden restaurants have something mysterious? They don’t need the best food or the most creative decoration, just their location makes you love them. Well, at least it’s like that for me. 

To be fair: When we went to Brew it was more a recommendation than an adventurous discovery. Our hostel organised a free walking tour through Brisbane which ended in the middle of the Queen Street Mall. The lady who guided us just pointed down a lane saying “They have good coffee down there“. Good to know but not relevant for us in that moment cause we were on our way to the city hall.

Insider Tip: There are free concerts every Tuesday at 12pm in Brisbane’s city hall. The artists change every week and play for a whole hour. You never know what to expect but it’s definitely worth a try. 

So that’s where we went and afterwards we were pretty hungry and in the mood for a burger. We remembered the place down the lane and decided to go there. I loved it from the very first moment. You walk past the kitchen and come into a dark but really cozy bar with tables, benches and couches in the back. The walls have colourful decorations and I felt like in a pub made for these creative university students. 

There was table service, at least they said so. We got a menue (in reused cases of old vinyls) but the guys there, even though they were super nice, were not really attentive, we had to call someone to order. In the end paying the bill was done at the bar as well. But let’s discuss about the definition of the phrase table service another time.

They had a great choice of all day breakfast and different kinds of lunch. We decided to go for something different from the standard pub burger. It was called the New Yorker Bagel…

Wow! What a good alternative. The fresh bagel was filled with bacon, egg, a hashbrown, BBQ sauce and fresh spinach. Good for breakfast but made a pretty good lunch as well. I definitely enjoyed it, especially cause it was so different from a burger. The fries were pretty good as well. I loved it that they came with mayo. Mayo is the best, so much better than ketchup. 

This plate filled me up for a while. I loved this little secret public place. If I was living in Brisbane I would probably go there very often. It might just be the location but it still had creative decoration and what counts the most, good food. 


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