Noosa: Bee Eco Beeswax Wrappers

This post is not about food. I know, I know, shocking. But life is not only about good food and I still believe this fits in pretty well. At least it is related to food and makes it last longer. Anyways.

What I’m talking about is this, how I think, amazing invention that I found on the Eumundi Markets near Noosa last Saturday. The markets are a huge place full of food, art and music and definitely worth a visit when you’re in the area! In between all these colourful stands there was this small table with the bee wax wrappers called Bee Eco. I saw the idea and immediately fell for it: 

It’s a local couple that uses cloths made out of organic cotton and puts them in oil and bee wax (everything super ecological) so they can be reused to cover or wrap food. So to say an environmental friendly cling foil.

I think the idea is great! They last up to a year said the guy at the stand. The only thing that made me hesitate a bit was the price… It really made me think if it’s worth it but I reckon every attempt to save our planet and cut back on rubbish is worth it. So I got three of them and I’m very happy with my choice. 

They come in three sices and different patterns and I even got a small one for free. Used one of them once so far to wrap a sandwich. It’s pretty easy and you don’t even need a lunch box around it since it’s very stable. Definitely worth the invention or at least the research:


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