Townsville: Ice Cream at Juliette’s 

After waking up with a sore throat, being on a bus for five hours and walking around in something around 30°C, I think it’s fair enough to get an ice cream.

New places, new flavours. Today I went for one scoop of White Chocolate and one Strawberry Lemon. The fruity one was more lemon than strawberry but very fresh and creamy. Same with the white chocolate; very fresh, not like a heavy ice cream that makes you full. I liked it a lot and it even had some white chocolate bits in it.

But yeah, Juliette’s didn’t make it easy to stay focused on ice cream. There is a variety of cakes and other pastries, coffees and shakes. So whenever you need a dessert, instead of going to The Coffee Club next door, sneak into this cafe and find your favourite. 

Apart from the one in the city, there is another shop right by the beach. I didn’t check their menue but they probably have the same stuff. That’s good: Spread the good ice cream. If I was staying longer in Townsville, I would probably be at Juliette’s every day…


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