Yogyakarta: A day of authentic Indonesian food

I’m currently visiting my friend in Indonesia. After being shaken by an earthquake last night, we decided to start the day with something traditional. To be fair: You don’t really have a choice around here 😀 For breakfast we went in one of the close by Warungs and got Nasi Kuning which is yellow rice. Traditionally you eat it with chicken or pork and a spicy sauce. Since I can’t handle any spicyness I got some chicken in soy sauce with it and a nice fresh melon juice.

It was delicious, the rice didn’t taste any different than normal rice though. I guess they put some spices in to make it yellow but you don’t really taste that. Nevertheless it was a good and extremely filling breakfast. Of course there was still room for dessert… 🙂 

For lunch (it was far past 2pm) we went into a restaurant chain (I think it was called “SS“) and sat around one of these really low tables on the floor. We chose some food or better: we ordered everything that sounded nice to us. The result was a completely full table with food for only three people. 

There was so much food! I’m still full when I think about it. Grilled fish (one of the best I had in a while!), shrimps, squid, salads and of course rice. It was all so good but seriously, if you go to a restaurant like this, hold yourself back. Everything sounds delicious and so it is but it’s too easy to get too much. We couldn’t eat all, especially cause they also served some fruits before. 

What I really like about Indonesia are the juices. At the beginning I was a bit sceptical cause you have sort of two layers in your glass and need to stir. But when you think about it: All you get is mashed fruits with water so an actual juice, not something filtered and sweetened. The apple juice I had for lunch was great, tasted like real apples. 

Even though I didn’t need dinner, my friend brought some snacks home. I had to try them all and I need to say it’s not all my taste. 

BBQ Chips, I think we all know them. They are not made out of potato though but something called cassava which tasted pretty similar, just a bit crunchier. The sausages were definitely not a hit. I guess it’s hard to impress a German with that… The milk tea, typical in Thailand how I learned, is quite nice. Not as sweet as ice tea but still not a milk shake. The sandwiches were my favourite. The white one was filled with a cheese cream; eatable. The green one had a jam filling of a fruit I never heard of but it was great, would eat it again for sure! 

I was just about to post this blog entry when my friend came back with another new thing: Black beef kebab.

Apparently it’s a fruit that makes the bread black. Together with the beef, the salad and the sauce it was an amazing combination and the right thing to finish a day with. It was only a small kebab too, not a big one like I know it from home or Australia, so just perfect. 

So this is how my day ends, foodwise (can you say that…?). I’m really curious what Indonesia has to offer and even though I didn’t like everything I tried today, I’m gonna try new things that I can’t have anywhere else. Cause that’s travelling, right? 


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