Tarakan: KFC Indonesia

Chains are chains because they are the same everywhere, right? Still interesting to see that there must be some differences due to cultures. Today my friend to me to KFC and what can I say: It was definitely not how I knew it.

Of course, the sign, the colour and even the typical smell where the same as everywhere else. First “funny“ (maybe uncommon is a better word) thing for me where the kerchiefs of the Muslim workers cause they were in KFC style as well, so part of their uniform. Makes sense in a country with a high percentage of Muslims living and working there.

The food was pretty much the same as everywhere else: Chicken wings, other chicken pieces and burgers (I’m sure they had a bigger selection and even a fish burger!). You can get fries but you need to ask for it. Normally they serve rice as everywhere and every time in Indonesia (or Asia?). Also, I saw some extras I hadn’t seen in a KFC before: soup, berkeder (a little potatoe patty), a sweet drink called Flush and for dessert pudding and a sundae. 

Our order came on a tray with real plates! Plates, in a fastfood restaurant! I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

So yeah as I said, the food looks as you expect it to look. The chicken piece with chocolate was also a special, can’t say if only here though. And it might look the same but…

  • the drink was soo sweet, I reckon it was syrup mixed with lemonade
  • the fries were sweet! Not with sugar but there was definitely no salt.
  • the chicken was spicy. I know my ability to handle spicy food is not the best but I didn’t remember spicy chicken pieces at KFC…

All in all it was of course still a good meal. For me it was really cool to see how a famous fast food chain adapts to a country’s culture and actually made me curious how it must be in other countries… Let me know if you know any examples! 


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