About Me

Actually my name is Regine but since nobody knows if the “e” is silent or not it’s Reggie. I’m from Germany, 19 years old and travelling since July 2016 after I finished high school. I started in Australia where I always wanted to go and so I’m still here, absolutely enjoying it.

I’m a Christian, that’s something you need to know. Without God I wouldn’t be where I am now and I’m very grateful for that.

Also I’m a big foodie and that’s why I started this blog. Food just makes me happy and can get me really excited. I would like to share my experiences, give some reviews of places I visit on my travels and maybe share some ideas or recipes of simple backpacker food. Always on a budget but when it’s about food it’s hard to say no sometimes.

At the moment I’m travelling in Australia, having a short escape to Indonesia and will see what kind of interesting food I find on the way or what I’ll cook myself.